The Spiritual Realm

Osheagara is inhabited by demons and monsters (who are ruled by demons). Osheagara is known as The Manic Planes for the constant unrest and war that monsters and their demon lords wage on each other. Long ago, A magical barrier was erected between man’s dimension and Osheagara to prevent demonic invasion. As Osheagara is connected to all of the realms of man, if this magical and holy barrier were to be destroyed completely, all dimensions and worlds of men would be under siege and face great danger. The magical barrier is incredibly strong, created to withstand all of the demon lords best efforts to get past it. The barrier scales it’s strength against the enemy(ies) attempting to destroy it or slip past it and anything with a truly evil aura will be found out and repelled if not outright destroyed. Occasionally, monsters and weaker demons are able to slip into The “Real” world and wreak havoc due to a few clever tricks or a concealment of their weaker evil aura. The biggest danger would be of someone with a good aura, a heroic human for example, who unwillingly, or willingly, becomes a vessel for a demon or monster of some sort and carries it back with them into the “real” world.

L.U.C.I.D. and all others who fight against the demon horde, combat the demons of the demonic realm by protecting the holy city of Morriyah which protects the gate between Osheagara and The Holy Land Elysium. Humans can only stay in The Manic Planes for so long, lest they become corrupted by evil energy and magic simply by staying there. Morriyah the city can protect people for several hours, but sleeping there is disastrous and has led to corruption. Morriyah is run by redeemed or unfallen Seraphs, who often take the form of beautiful men and women and spend many hours of their day consecrating themselves in order to avoid corruption.

For every hour you spend in Osheagara, you gain 1 Corruption point. At the end of each hour you must pass a corruption save (wisdom or charisma save) if your roll is lower then the corruption points you have, you start becoming corrupted, you lose 10% of your health every minute and all healing effects from holy magics are halved. If you remain idle and rest in the Manic Planes, you gain 3 corruption points per hour. Once killed you automatically regain all of your health but become corrupted and are effectively controlled by the DM and evil forces. You are now Evil instead of good or neutral and you will kill any former allies you have if you deem it plausible to do so and survive. Your eyes will become yellow and demonic and your aura becomes evil.

The Holy Land Elysium:
Is part of the same dimension as Osheagara but houses all of the holy and angelic beings left behind after The Great Schism. It is closely connected to Osheagara, only blocked off by an impenetrable mountain range and the holy city of Morriyah.

The Spiritual Realm

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