Broken down to its base components, a glamour is an illusion. So, what can we infer from this? An illusion isn’t real. It’s going to take upkeep. It’s not going to be easy.
Glamour magic is about what others see. What you see in the mirror won’t change. I think this is an important detail to point out. Self-image is a big problem for the mortal world – both for men and women.

If a change in how much you weigh is what you’re after, I would urge you to seek to live a healthy lifestyle – fresh food cooked from scratch and regular exercise.

That said, I won’t tell you that glamour magic can’t help in terms of self-image. Many glamour spells are designed to give you a ‘sparkle’ – that indescribable quality that elevates your charisma and attracts people to you. This often has little to do with what you physically look like – beyond the outward trappings of clothing, make-up, etc.

Glamouring is like a mask that one puts on to blend into to certain social situations better.

This is certainly a useful skill, and one that is worth mastering. ‘Passing’ can be helpful in a number of situations and can save you headaches and heartaches that you don’t need.

However, I don’t believe that mirroring is where the possibilities for glamour magic end. One spell that I used frequently in my youth was an invisibility spell. While it didn’t make me invisible in the classic sense, but it helped me pass unnoticed through crowds large and small.

A simple chant repeated in your head, and an avoidance of eye contact can help you blend into the background. Most folks won’t notice the majority of the world around them, and will pass right by as though you were no more than a potted plant – even if they are looking for you.

Aside from tricks of the eye and blending in, glamour magic can also be used to help give yourself a confidence boost. You may not be able to see the differences others see, but you can feel the sparkle, and let it carry you through your day. Don’t write this technique off. Chanting raises energy, watching yourself in the mirror can help you to direct this power surge into yourself. The high can last all day.

Most, if not all of the enchanted charms we often make for others can be redesigned to work for ourselves. Be it a small poppet in your pocket or a string of prayer beads around your wrist or neck, empowered accessories are one of the easiest ways to add that energy boost.

Keep in mind that us Seraphs are quite unskilled in the art of glamours as we are an honest and straightforward sort.

—Rathreal Morn, Excerpt from Magic and Other Things.


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