Tahara Ryutaro

Delinquent Arcane Warrior


Chaotic Good

Arcane Warrior

In the spiritual realm, Tahara gains a fancy set of robes and a powerful longsword with fancy hand guard

Personality Trait:
I’ve lost too many friends, and I’m slow to make new ones.
Sincerity. There’s no good pretending to be something I’m not. (Neutral)
I would die to protect my sister or cure her of her paralysis
Don’t expect me to save those who can’t save themselves. It is nature’s way that the strong thrive and the weak perish.


Tahara is an uncaring, emo guy with a nasty temper who was known as a “deviant” or “delinquent” by most of the students at Akamatsu Academy. Tamara’s mother actually married into another family, the Akamatsu family and now has a step-sister, Toyama Akamatsu, who he immediately grew to dislike. He’s refused to adopt his step-father’s name. Tamara is unambitious, but you might ultimately consider him a good person as he’s just been beaten down by society a lot. As he was skipping class one day, he stumbled upon a secret underground passageway under the school and access a magically sealed room with his latent magical powers and gained access to a vessel of power which took him straight to The Holy Land and The Spiritual Realm where he met a few Seraphs who trained him in magic. He was sent back and told to look out for two people, Oshima, and Karen, who he begrudgingly found and aided as they defeated a powerful puppet master monster together (Karen and Tahara did anyway).
Oshima Aki was attacked by a couple of puppets controlled by a puppet master monsters, his absolutely worse fear. He ran and hid in the abandoned athletics shed where he stumbled upon an object of power, a giant zweihander which he accidentally activated with his latent magical abilities. Karen who had only days before, traveled to Osheagara and came into her own with her magical abilities, rescued the poor kid. Soon after, finding a third helper, Tahara Ryutaro, who had also just found a strange vessel and traveled to the Spiritual realm, the three , at Karen’s behest, founded L.U.C.I.D. the Lucid Dreaming Club so that they might actively combat the demons in Osheagara as much as they could. Together, the three of them attempted to summon Heroic Spirits as Karen and Tahara had been taught only to find that their summonings were incomplete, having summoned three heroes from another world entirely named Shil, Casey and Kyle. Each was imbued with the powers of the person they had intended to summon, Luffy, Ivar, and Ichigo. Oshima had originally intended to summon his all time hero, Ivar Ballangrud a Norwegian Speed-Skater, but freaked out under pressure from Tahara and the magic already present, and finally the summoning of Kyle who appeared in full Vizard mask form but was able to control his frenzy. Tahara attempted to summon two different heroes at once, but wound up with Shil instead, bound with the power of both Baam and Luffy.

Tahara has an advanced knowledge of military history and strategy and this is somehow correlated to his father who was a general in the Japanese military. He doesn’t like to talk about him very much however.

Tahara Ryutaro

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