Lucid Spirit Dream Game

Episode 1

As two young college students went off to go camping in the Appalachian Mountains, they were suddenly hit with a magical slumber. Awakening in an anime high school, they quickly found themselves with magical masters who had summoned them, Karen Angouelmé, Tahara Ryutaro, and Oshima Aki. The two men, Kyle and Casey, also found that they had been imbued with the spirits of great heroes, Ichigo Kurosaki and Ivar The Boneless, and were imbued with all of their abilities. As the last magical master, Tahara, attempted to summon two spirits at once, a random student, Iroh Yamaguchi, was imbued with the spirit of Shil Patel, another college student, and Kyle and Casey’s friend from the real world. After going shopping, buying clothes, and convincing the principal that Casey should teach biology at the school, Akamatsu Academy, the group traveled into The Spiritual Realm, delving into the land of Osheagara, the Demon Realm. Learning of a demon boy who wished to defect from the demon lords to the side of light, the party traveled to the castle where the demon had been imprisoned and was guarded by a horde of orcs. Creating a diversion with illusions and then blowing up the main gate with a chemical bomb, Casey was able to find his way into the dungeon and magically charm his way to the demon boy and rescue him.

Leaving the demon boy with the holy Seraphs of Morriyah, the Holy City which stood at the gate between the Holy Land and Osheagara, the party returned to Akamatsu Academy, Kyle took Karen out for an Italian dinner, but finding the food less than satisfactory, he made her some Italian food at home.

After she left, Casey and Kyle discussed the merits and shortcomings of living in an anime world and then turned in for the night.

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