Gwen "Copper" Dunnigan

Adorable, Energetic Magic Girl


From Ireland, and very much a redhead. Affectionately known as Dun Dun, or Copper because of her hair and eye color, she’s a solid 5 foot nothing, if not shorter. Tropes: Plucky, Quick, Easygoing, Clumsy, Extroverted, Super Bubbly, Adorable, and as an Irishwoman, she has the Iron Liver trait. She’s good friends with Heber, and will often be seen swinging from his muscular arms like they were monkey bars. But for the love of everything good, she can NOT handle caffeine. When she has some, she goes incredibly hyper for a couple hours, and then has to sleep for the rest of the day. Gets involved with LUCID because Karen is senpai, and she really likes to try new things (and gets really excited about an entire new WORLD).
Rogue but with access to magical powers.


Gwen "Copper" Dunnigan

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