Casey Capp

The Herald of Odin


Brief bio:
This is a version of Casey that has been absolutely consumed by hate. In his eyes, the world has severely wronged him, taken him away from the few people that love him, (if even they do that), and robbed him of his chance to finish his education and get a successful career. Because of his hatred and feeling that he wants vengeance for the life that was stolen from him, his soul is tied to the cruel Ivar Ragnarsson, also known as Ivar the Boneless, whose body he is summoned in when he is taken to the demon realm.
Mental-break Berserker
Personality Trait: I am consumed by hatred and a thirst for blood, to take some measure of vengeance on the world for its cruelty to me, though fortunately, my dark sense of humor is intact.
Ideal: Killing and cruelty are the only things I have left to enjoy…right?
Bond: It is too cruel a judgement for this world to let these demons enter it, so I will give what’s left of my life to prevent the invasion from happening.
Flaw: I resolutely believe that everyone hates me, though that’s probably not actually the case.
Herald of Odin (similar to Ranger).
Cloak of Huginn and Muninn
Silver-adorned composite longbow
Dual Viking shortswords that can combine into a Danish Sword Staff(think glaive), both wielded with Finesse (Dex ability mod used).
Mistaken Hero:
Casey, in his broken mental state, is mistaken for the Viking warlord Ivar the Boneless, named so not because he had no leg bones, but because he could move and be flexible like he had no bones. Ivar the Boneless was the son of the Viking raider Ragnar Lothbrok, and took the Great Heathen Army to Britain when the king of Northumbria betrayed and murdered his father. He went on to take bloody vengeance on the Briton king, cutting his lungs from his body in the “Blood Eagle” ritual. Ivar would eventually conquer Ireland and live out his life as king. Believed to have been despised by his father and cursed by his mother, Ivar dedicated himself to Odin, the all-Father, who blessed him with the chance to be his herald of death to Britain, granting him a cloak made of the feathers of his two ravens, Huginn and Muninn. As the herald, Ivar became the Chooser of the Slain, and the magical powers passed on to him by his biological parents also came to fruition. Even though he had all these blessings, Ivar was never loved, only feared to be a monster.


Casey Capp

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