Basic Premise:
You are in the real world, Planet Earth, 2016 (or whatever year it happens to be for you.) As you and your friends are out camping one night, hanging out, you suddenly all begin to fall asleep right around sunset in an unnatural way. When you wake up, you’re suddenly in an anime world. You are wearing clothes appropriate to someone else entirely, a great historical hero, a mythical or fictional hero, etc. and you are immediately met by the people who summoned you. They tell you that you have been summoned in a war being waged in an alternate dimension (yet another one since this anime world is apparently real) known as Osheagara or The Manic Planes.

The World:
The Real World:
It’s our real world. For real.
The Anime “Real” World:
You are thrust into the world of Akamatsu Academy, an island boarding school attached to the city of Tokyo. Akamatsu Academy is for the rich and famous or the incredibly gifted. A small population of the school (secretly?) is a part of a group known as L.U.C.I.D. (acronym for nothing lol), a team that enters the magical plane of Osheagara and combats the demonic forces known as Fūzen (or simply evil). You are summoned as heroes from other realms to this team and/or have a heroic spirit of another person imbued within you. You possess the traits that you do in the real world, plus key character traits of your hero/heroic spirit.

This is real world modern day Japan, except it’s an anime. The students of Akamatsu are generally pretty well off and attractive, or incredibly smart, or both. The uniform is black in theme.

The Demonic Realm (Osheagara or The Manic Planes):’

Lucid Spirit Dream Game

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